Model Office for XPLAN

Built in collaboration with multiple financial advisers, the Model Office is an efficient and effective way to get the most out of XPLAN. This flexible technology solution is built around your business needs.

What is the Model Office?

Model Office offers you:

  • A suite of fully maintained financial advice document templates and a text library to help you produce advice documents faster
  • Customisable wizards to speed up every-day processes
  • A series of pre-configured threads for standardised practice processes and simplified workflow
  • Fortnightly releases to enhance functionality, to keep up with regulatory and legislative changes and keep your templates linked with the XPLAN database
  • Practice improvement reporting functions including FUM, staff workflow and compliance reports to help you track your business’ performance.
  • Extensive training and ongoing user support by our experienced Technology Solutions Team

Find out more about templates, wizards, threads and workflows


Why choose Model Office?

Setting up your own financial planning software takes extensive customisation and manual administration before you can benefit from the full efficiencies of operating XPLAN. This can take many weeks and could cost several times the software license fees to complete.

Our Technology Solutions Team can help you set up and customise your XPLAN site as well as provide ongoing XPLAN help and support.

To find out more about how Model Office can help you, please contact us.