Monarch Institute

With greater focus being placed on the education of financial advisers it’s becoming increasingly important for financial advisers to consider their education needs.

We offer access to the Diploma of Financial Planning (RG146 Compliant) and the Advanced Diploma of Financial Planning through the Monarch Institute.

Diploma of financial planning

Monarch’s FNS50615 Diploma of Financial Planning provides you with the necessary industry specific certification (known as RG146). On completion, they will be qualified under the current rules to provide both personal and general advice in the key areas of financial planning, managed investments, securities, derivatives, superannuation and insurance.

Advanced diploma of financial planning

The FNS60415 Advanced Diploma in Financial Planning provides a more in-depth skill-sets and technical knowledge that can open doors to better job opportunities and career options. Modules include advanced investments, estate planning, social security and taxation planning and practice management.

Tax (financial) adviser course

To be able to provide tax (financial) advice for a fee or other reward you must be registered with the Tax Practitioners Board (TPB). Monarch is an approved provider of the Tax (Financial) advice course which is usually completed online.

For more information on Monarch’s educational services, contact us.