Regular Training Material and Assessment

Developed for financial professionals, Kaplan’s Ontrack Trainer program provides compliance in continuing education while also providing the adviser with more flexibility in completing their ongoing professional development needs.

Pathway can provide Kaplan Ontrack Trainer program for your representatives. The Ontrack system offers compliance in continuing education and offers Training Plans for your representatives. These come in two parts, the Initial Assessment and the Ongoing Training Plan:

  • The initial assessment looks at the representatives’ current competencies in line with those laid down by ASIC under RG146 as being required to provide Financial Planning advice on differing areas.
  • The Ongoing Training Plan looks at the areas which relate to the advice that the representative is giving and this allows us to tailor the ongoing training requirements.
  • The Training Plans are developed and managed in Kaplan’s Ontrack Planner system.
  • Kaplan’s Ontrack Tracker gives the user the ability to view their current training register online.

In addition, Ontrack comprises a set of online training modules related to nominated areas of competency. The modules conclude with assessment questions which can be completed online to gain Continuing Professional Development (CPD) points. Each month the user is provided with online articles which relate to their specific needs, as identified in their training plan. Pathway maintains the training registers to ensure that your representatives are meeting their mandatory requirements.

As an alternative the online material, a video and workbook series is available comprising of one video per month from February to November (10 in total), together with a comprehensive workbook including commentary, detailed case study examples and assessment questions which can be submitted to gain CPD points (three CPD points per video plus workshop).

Maintaining Training Registers

Kaplan’s Ontrack Tracker gives the user the ability to view their current training register online.

Pathway maintains the training register for each representative. CPD points are automatically recorded on completion of professional development through Pathway. In addition, Pathway will record points gained through other sources upon receipt of certificates of completion. Alternately the user may enter in details of training completed, which Pathway will then to validate on sighting the relevant certificate.