Our services

We provide advisers with to access a range of specialist support services essential to the professional delivery of financial advice, including technology solutions, professional development and education, and research services.

Technology solutions

This service is designed to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your business.

Many businesses fail in this aspect of running their business, not because they are incapable of doing this activity but rather because they are so involved in their everyday duties that they don’t get the opportunity to step back and consider how they can improve on what they are currently doing (the urgent takes priority over the important).

Enlisting the help of an external organisation such as Pathway will aid your business operations as it will provide an independent, objective review of current business practices, highlighting areas where things can be improved and providing implementation of the solutions. This is a value-added service to provide a greater level of assistance to our clients. These services are not usually included in a typical dealer-to-dealer service offering.

Professional development and education

The continual education and development of advisers is core to any successful dealer group. The accumulation of continuous professional development points is also essential to maintaining professional memberships and accreditation. Our Professional Development Days are focused on extending knowledge and stimulating ideas, maximising benefit to the financial adviser.


We provide access to a broad range of in-depth information and analysis through Lonsec managed fund, listed income and listed equities research and SuperRatings ‘Smart’ research.